Ouzoud Waterfalls Tour Marrakech

9 Hours
  • Ouzoud Waterfalls Tour Marrakech
  • Best Shared Marrakech Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls
  • Best Shared Marrakech Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls
  • Best Shared Marrakech Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls
  • Best Shared Marrakech Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls

This Ouzoud waterfalls Tour Marrakech: you will visit Marrakech Waterfall in the Western Atlas, which falls in the foothills of the High Atlas. You will visit Berber towns and an area dominated by mountains, and encounter wild apes.


  • Scenery at Demnate
  • A natural bridge is called Imi n’Ifri.
  • M’goun Geopark
  • Town of Azilal Berbers
  • This mountain range is protected as a national park.
  • Ouzoud Cascades Waterfall
  • Apes of the Barbary Coast
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONYour accommodation in Marrakech
DEPARTURE TIME AND ITINERARY08:00 Meet with the driver. Depart Marrakech, heading east to Atlas foothills.
09:30 Demnate –  visit local market (Sundays only)
10:15 Imi n’Ifri – Discover the grotto under natural land bridge
12:15 Azilal – chance to visit local market (Thursdays only)
13:00 Arrive at Cascades d’Ouzoud – meet local guide and explore the falls
16:00 Depart Ouzoud
18:30 Arrive Marrakech
Pick-up/drop-off in Marrakech
Travel in style in private vehicle with air-conditioning and English-speaking driver
Local guide at Ouzoud falls.
Tips and personal items
Optional boat at bottom of falls. Allow 50 to 100 dh pp for lunch
Lunch and beverages

Ouzoud waterfalls Tour Marrakech Detail :

On this Ouzoud waterfalls Tour Marrakech, we travel to the upper mountains east of Marrakech and visit the waterfall marrakech. Our first stop is in Demnate, a Berber market town. A visit to the rural market is fascinating on market day when the market is a hive of activity.

Near Demnate is Imi n’Ifri, a natural arch-shaped land bridge in the M’goun Geopark. Imi n’Ifri means ‘the cave’s mouth’ in Berber. Under the land bridge is the mouth of a river, and a stepped trail leads down to it. Shoes with good grip are essential as it can be slippery. In Azilal (where market day is Thursday), we continue our journey. Through the Western High Atlas National Park, we take a scenic (and little-used) back route to Ouzoud.

Our local guide will help us explore the falls upon arriving at Ouzoud. You can best observe the 110m high falls along the trail which winds through olive groves on the west side of the El Abid river. A beautiful rainbow may also appear if you’re lucky.

During your visit to waterfall Marrakech, you have plenty of time to relax. There are a number of tourist shops and cafés on the eastern side. You will find a troop of Barbary apes near the top, usually eager to pose for pictures in exchange for peanuts! Many places to have lunch border the falls – ask your driver. Your Ouzoud Waterfalls Tour Marrakech end here.


Timings are approximate and might vary according to weather or seasons. Private departures are available daily throughout the year.


Sun protection and good shoes are required.

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