08:45 (or 14:45) Pick-up from riad or hotel.

Pick-up/drop-off from your hotel or riad (5 km or less from Marrakech) with transfers to/from camel base; hire of saddled camel
Cheich (traditional head scarf)
Bottled water for the ride
Tea snack break with a local family
Limited liability insurance
There may be a small additional transport charge for pick-up/drop-offs at accommodation outside of Marrakech medina, Hivernage or Gueliz
Personal risk insurance
Extras not included.

Marrakech Camel Trek in the Palm Grove Experience Details

The Camel Trek is a great way to get away from the bustling souks and museums of Marrakech and have an active break. Marrakech has camel riding available for both children and adults just a few minutes’ drive from the city.

Camels are a remarkable animal and provide us with an easy way to take in the peace and quiet of the desert of Marrakech.

It’s great fun and you will enjoy a break in a little village once you find your balance and become accustomed to the rhythmic motion of a camel. Sipping hot tea and experiencing Berber hospitality are just a few of the things you can do here. A rich tapestry of tastes, flavors, and myriad shades of red illuminate the arid landscape as it reveals millennial mud walls and clever hammams still in use today.

Get a glimpse of the mysterious desert caravans that once plied these same paths between the Sahara and the Atlantic. A specialist and very experienced local company will operate this trip. Enjoy countless opportunities to take photos and get to know your camel personally on this family-friendly excursion! This excursion can be tailored based on your group’s interests, within the comfort of Marrakech.


There are plenty of toilets, cold drinks, and Wi-Fi at the camel base, which is open all year long. Choose either an afternoon or a morning tour.


Avoid shorts and skirts, and bring a camera, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, warm clothes (and a windbreaker) to keep warm. Protect yourself from the winter sun with closed shoes, comfortable clothing, and a windbreaker.